Flute Accessories

With flute world, you are given a wide selection of accessories, from educational and playing aids to gift items, as well as exclusive products designed to meet customer needs.

With accessories, you can better tune your flute or flute instruments to adhere to all of the qualities of music.

For example, you can better demonstrate the sternness of a fermata. Fermatas—which look rather like an eye in notation—are sometimes placed above notes in musical notation. This means to hold the note and it’s often something based on feel rather than mathematical time. A dot to the right of a note means that you add one half of the note’s value to the duration. A quarter note with a dot, for instance, is the equivalent of a quarter note tied to an eighth note. A note with a dot above it is intended to be played staccato, which means that it’s struck sharply and that the note doesn’t necessarily ring out for the full duration.

You can also benefit from flute accessories in terms of harmony and phrasing.