Growing as a Musician

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Growing as a Musician

Developing the skills it takes to be a rounded musician can take years. It’s important, however, to realize that practice is what makes it happen. Practice is what leads to great shows. It generally takes most human beings about 10 years to reach the skill level of a master in any subject. Music is one of the most challenging pursuits imaginable, but also one of the most satisfying. To reach your own personal best at music, you’ll have to start by expanding beyond your current horizon and by embracing some challenges.

Reading Music

Reading music is a skill and it’s one of the most important ones that performing artists have. That being said, not all musicians—even in classical settings—are expected to read off of music. If you’re a blues guitarist, for example, it would probably look a bit strange to your audience if you were reading a song off of sheet music, especially considering the fact that the relative simplicity of the music doesn’t necessitate that it be read off of sheets.

When you’re reading sheet music, you’ll want to work the way a politician giving a speech works: you read ahead of where you actually are in the music. As you may suspect, this takes some considerable skill. A combination of being familiar with the piece and with being able to sight read music is what makes very experienced musicians able to read very complex music without missing a beat.

Singing and Sight Reading:

Some people are very intimidated by singing. This is natural: hearing your singing voice is sometimes quite a shock and there’s some embarrassment when you hit a note wrong, especially when it comes out comically wrong. However, the vast majority of professional musicians can correctly sing the notes within a comfortable octave for their voice and there’s a good reason for this: When you can reproduce those tones on demand, you can hear sheet music in your head as you read it and, thus, you can reproduce it correctly, every time.

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