New arrival: Yamaha 14K Gold YFL-977AHSTCTK14

We just received in this gorgeous 14K gold Yamaha with the new Type 7 body and A cut headjoint! It is absolutely amazing!

Yamaha YFL-977AHSTCTK14: Handmade, 14K rose gold handcut “A” style headjoint, 14K rose gold body and footjoint, sterling silver ribs, rings, posts, mechanism and keys, offset G, split E mechanism, C# trill, D# roller, soldered tone holes, gold springs, pointed key arms, Straubinger pads, B footjoint.

For more information about all the new benefits and features of the new Type 7 900 Series flutes:

Yamaha-YFL-977AHSTCTK14 01-tagged Yamaha-YFL-977AHSTCTK14 02-tagged Yamaha-YFL-977AHSTCTK14 03-tagged Yamaha-YFL-977AHSTCTK14 04-tagged