Seidman Flute Stopper – Available at Flute World!!!

Seidman Flute StopperMade for a universal fit, the Flute Stopper Plug replaces the cork in your existing cork mounting hardware. The Flute Stopper will seal the end of the flute while adding resonance due to its being made of an acoustically reflective material , a hard acetal plastic. Its unique shape creates space around the head joint tubing that allows the tubing walls to vibrate more fully. The three ‘O’ rings add the right amount of dampening to balance and control the pitch and tone. Fits all known brands of Boehm system flutes, wood and metal, vintage and new. Easy installation instructions included. 
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I got the new stopper and it works great. My flute sounds much crisper and cleaner. I had no idea it would make so much difference. I left you what I consider the best feedback I have left in my ten years on eBay. Hope you like it.
– David, USA

I got the flute plug today and fitted it to my Muramatsu DS with a Yamaha 925 AC headjoint. I did this because I wanted to see how it worked before I spoiled the Muramatsu headjoint that belonged to the flute. I must admit I was a little bit skeptical about your claims but thought it was worth a try.Once I replaced the stopper and played my flute I was literally blown away by the improvement in tone and ease of playing in all registers.I compared the now modified Yamaha headjoint to the one that came with the flute and now it sounds even better with your plug.Please rush me two more for my second flute and my Muramatsu headjoint.  You are a genius!
– Mike Partlett, USA

I install one of your stoppers in my new Hammig flute head, Man, that stopper
made that flute sing like Pavarotti. I put another in my Rudall Carte head with similar
results.There are no stoppers around the world that can compare with yours, You are a genius!
– Carlos, USA

Today the flute stopper plug arrived. I installed it on my flute. I played for some hours now, it is really amazing, everything works better. Sound quality, articulation, dynamics. I couldn’t believe it. Flute playing works so easy now, it gives the feel like a well oiled engine…. I love it.
– Flavio, Switzerland