Limited Edition Altus L907RBSO now available!

Our first limited edition Altus 907 just arrived in the store!

Altus L907RBSO: Limited Edition Model: Britannia silver (.958) handcut headjoint, silver plated body, footjoint and keys, french (open hole) keys, drawn tone holes, stainless steel springs, B footjoint, laser-engraved crown, lip plate and keys.–L907RBSO-Limited-Edition.html


You could own this flute for as little as $85.30 a month if you qualify for financing!



Altus flutes known world-wide for their craftsmanship and design of their hand-made flutes, unveiled their Limited Edition L907 Artist Series flute at the 2014 National Flute Association annual conference in Chicago on August 7th.

The limited edition is based on the popular 907 model flute and will feature an engraved lip plate, crown and keys and features a .958 Britannia Silver headjoint, Silver-plated body and mechanism, drawn tone holes and stainless steel springs.

Only fifty of the engraved flutes will be available in the U.S. market and pre-orders began at the 2014 NFA convention, and delivery begins in early 2015.

Altus Flutes is a respected maker of handcrafted flutes of the highest quality, and is recognized internationally for its superior craftsmanship and superb innovation and has quickly become the flute of choice for many educators, performing artists, and orchestral players.



Sankyo CF-601BONDHV – New at Flute World!

New Arrival!

Sankyo CF-601BONDHV

All sterling silver, french (open hole), pointed key arms, NEL, soldered tone holes, D# roller, heavy wall tubing, handcut RT-1 headjoint, 10K white gold springs, 0.38mm tubing, B footjoint

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Our first Brannen Flute has arrived!!!!!

We received our first Brannen flute today!!! 

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Brannen Sterling Silver Brogger Flute (SS-BOC-14KR): Handmade, all sterling silver, handcut headjoint with 14K gold riser, French (open hole), offset G, C# trill, soldered tone holes, pointed key arms, .016” tubing thickness, Straubinger pads, Brogger Mekanik and Acoustic, B footjoint, A=442——Brogger-Flute—SS-BOC-14KR-.html

Altus 1507RBOECD-V


Britannia silver (.958) handcut V cut headjoint, Britannia silver body and footjoint, .925 sterling silver mechanism, pointed key arms, french (open hole) keys, offset G, split E mechanism, C# trill, D# roller, soldered tone holes, SP-1 springs, 0.38mm tubing thickness (standard), D# roller, B footjoint