New Consignment Instruments Added – Week of May 26th-31st

We just received in some amazing used instruments here at Flute World!  Take a look and let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at or calling our instrument department at 248-855-0410!


Used Muramatsu GXBOEHV: Sterling silver handcut headjoint, sterling silver body and footjoint, silver plated keys, french (open hole), offset G, split E mechanism, heavy wall tubing, drawn tone holes, white gold springs, pointed key arms, B footjoint, A=442. Recent general adjustment.

Used Williams Silver Headjoint with Gold Riser, Lip Plate and Wings: Flute Headjoint: Handcut silver headjoint with platinum enhanced gold riser, 14K gold lip plate and 18K gold wings

Used Burkart 998 Silver M2 Headjoint: Flute Headjoint: handcut, 998 silver, M2 cut

Used Roy Seaman Signature Piccolo: Grenadilla headjoint and body, bubble-style headjoint, silver plated keys, split E mechanism, A=442

Used Burkart B&P-MW Piccolo: Handcut Grenadilla Modified Wave headjoint, Grenadilla body, sterling silver keys and mechanism, white gold springs, Burkart Scale, A=442

Used Powell Handmade Piccolo with 2 Headjoints: Handmade, Grenadilla body with sterling silver mechanism, A=442. Includes both handcut Grenadilla bubble-style and handcut sterling silver Powell headjoints. Made in 1988.

Used Powell Handmade with Low B Lever: Handmade, handcut headjoint, all sterling silver, soldered tone holes, .014″ thin wall tubing, Traditional Powell Scale, french (open hole), inline G, pointed key arms, B footjoint with low B left hand lever, A=440. Made in 1954.

Used Powell Silver Handmade with 10K Gold Headjoint: Handmade, sterling silver body, footjoint and keys, 10K yellow gold Powell headjoint with silver crown, soldered tone holes, .014″ thin wall tubing, Modern Powell Scale, Plateau (closed hole) keys, pointed key arms, offset G, C# trill, B footjoint with low B left hand lever, A=440. Made in 1991. Includes Mateki C footjoint (with pointed key arms) and Mateki .900 silver D footjoint (dapped Y-arm keys).

Used Powell Silver Headjoint: Flute Headjoint: all silver, handcut